Software aziendale fuori dal settore IT

La quantità di software che le aree aziendali acquisiscono al di fuori dal controllo del settore IT continua a crescere, e rende sempre più critica la gestione del parco applicativo aziendale.

In “Bottom-Up Enterprise Information Systems: Rethinking the Roles of Central IT Departments“, gli autori

Modern technology (such as open source software, outsourcing, and cloud computing) enable users to bypass central IT to procure or configure their own enterprise information systems.

Coupled with inherent organizational limitations, the result is bottom-up enterprise information systems becoming a new reality in many organizations. Managing such systems requires central IT to be a collaborative partner that guides functional areas toward effective IT practices. Central IT’s operational role may diminish as the functional areas assume increased duties.

However, when IT roles are distributed across the organization, additional coordination is required by central IT, functional areas, and vendors alike.