Gestire il debito tecnico

Contraiamo un debito tecnico ogni volta che interveniamo su un sistema in modo non ottimale. Prima o poi, lo si paga. Ma chi lo paga?

Un articolo di Eric Allman, su Communications of the ACM, May 2012, “Managing Technical Debt.

“… the person who takes on technical debt is not necessarily the one who has to pay it off—in fact, most of the time the one who takes on the debt can shuffle the costs on to other people, which encourages taking on debt. Far too many developers do not maintain their own code. Many companies have a policy that software moves from a development mode that is staffed by their best programmers to a maintenance mode staffed by secondtier engineers (who are paid less but often have far more difficult jobs than the premier team). Sometimes it isn’t even anyone in your organization who is paying the interest: it’s the users who have to pay. Developers are rewarded more on implementation speed than long-term maintainability and may have moved on to a different project or company before the real cost is paid. This gives the initial developer little incentive to do the job right the first time.”

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