I progetti in ritardo sono tutti uguali

Ottimo articolo di Tom DeMarco, uno tra i più lucidi esperti di sviluppo software (autore tra l’altro, con Tim Lister, dello straordinario Peopleware).

Tutte le cause legali, nei rapporti di outsourcing dello sviluppo software, vanno nello stesso modo:
“By the 1990s, a significant part of my practice was litigation support, which was a natural consequence of raising my rates to the level that only legal departments could afford. Of course, litigation is all about failure, so perhaps I was seeing more than my share of it. Surprisingly, the failures began to look pretty much alike. Company A contracts to build a software system for Company B and is late to finish, or it goes on beyond its contracted delivery date and the work is cancelled. B sues A or vice versa, one of them hires me, and we all obsess over failure for a while and then settle. In the end, A and B are poorer, the lawyers and I are slightly richer, and nothing has changed. ”

E tutti i progetti in ritardo hanno qualcosa in comune… “All projects that finish late have this one thing in common: they started late.”

Meno banale di quanto sembrerebbe a prima vista, come si scopre leggendo le motivazioni di DeMarco nell’articolo “All Late Projects Are the Same”, comparso su IEEE Software Nov/Dec 2011, disponibile gratuitamente.

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