Linee guida per la codifica

Ottimo articolo sulla codifica del software, ricco di indicazioni pratiche ed esempi concreti. “Coding Guidelines: Finding the Art in the Science” di Robert Green e Henry Ledgard, su Communications of the ACM December 2011.

Il messaggio di fondo: focalizzarsi su come si scrive il codice, non sui commenti al codice:

“Programmers must achieve a level of clarity, continuity, and beauty when writing code. This means focusing on the code and its clarity, balance, and symmetry, not on its length or comments. While this concept does not advocate the removal of comments or negate their use and importance in appropriate situations, it does suggest that programmers must use comments wisely and judiciously. The focus should be on developing code that, for the most part, clearly communicates intent and functionality. This practice will automatically reduce the need for many comments.”

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