Architetti software e sviluppatori

Ci sono ancora architetti software che non sviluppano? Sì, nelle organizzazioni ancora influenzate dall’approccio a cascata. Ma il fenomeno è in calo, afferma Philippe Krutchen in IEEE Software, May/June 2011, Walking across the Seam.

“In our industry, I see fewer software architects throwing their designs over the wall to the hordes of programmers. In many organizations, these entities— architects and programmers—are roles, not individuals, and we’ve known for a long time that the best architects are also implementers; and vice versa, the best programmers understand the function of architecture and respect it.

The architect-programmer dichotomy might still exist, mostly in large organizations, as a sort of remnant of the waterfall approach, where the organization tended to match the phases. But today, the most successful software development organizations are staffed by people with a broad range of competencies, able to embrace multiple roles. We hear calls for more T-shaped individuals and less hyperspecialists.”

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