Fermarsi troppo presto

I rischi del fermarsi troppo presto nel fare le cose per bene: nel definire i requisiti, nel documentare le caratteristiche del sistema con diagrammi o in altra forma, nel testing.

È il tema di un articolo di David L. Parnas, “The risks of stopping too soon”, in Communications of the ACM, June 2011:

Software development suffers from an infirmity best called Premature Termination; the symptoms are that developers begin to do something useful but stop too soon. The result is something that is not only not very useful, but often harmful. There are four obvious causes for this illness:
– The work that is done before termination is the easy part of the task; what remains undone would require tedious, detailed work.
– Those doing the work have not been taught how to do the job correctly or how to determine when it is complete.
– Those who review the work, or purchase the product, do not insist on proper completion of the key tasks.
– There is pressure to meet deadlines and get a product “out the door.”

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