Evolutionary System Development

Un articolo di Peter Denning, Chris Gunderson e Rick Hayes-Roth, tre esperti IT di lungo corso che lavorano attualmente per la US Navy, la marina statunitense, segna a mio avviso una tappa importante nel percorso verso la piena affermazione dei processi agili.

“The software engineering community has hotly debated preplanned versus agile processes. After a while they reached a truce where they agreed that preplanning is best for large systems
where reliability and risk-avoidance are prime concerns, and agile is best for small to medium systems where adaptability and user friendliness are prime concerns.
We challenge that conclusion. Preplanning is ceasing to be a viable option for large systems. […]

Whereas preplanned development seeks to avoid risks, evolutionary development mimics nature and embraces risks. The developers purposely expose emerging systems to risks to see how they fail, and then they build better system variants. It is better to seek risk out
and learn how to survive it. […]
All the evidence says that that evolutionary processes works for systems large and small, and that risk seeking is the fastest route to fitness. There is too much at stake to continue to allow us to be locked into a process that does not work.”

L’articolo è stato pubblicato nel numero di dicembre 2008 di Communications of the ACM.

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