Theoretical Reflections on Agile Development Methodologies

Sridhar Nerur e VenuGopal Balijepally, “Theoretical Reflections on Agile Development Methodologies”, Comm ACM 03-2007 . Con una lista di riferimenti eccellente.

“The progression of thought in software development parallels the maturation of design ideas in architecture and strategic management. The traditional mechanistic worldview is today being challenged by a newer agile perspective that accords primacy to uniqueness, ambiguity,
complexity, and change, as opposed to prediction, verifiability, and control. The goal of optimization is being replaced by flexibility and responsiveness.

The tenets of agile methods depart from the traditional orthodoxy of software development. This shift in philosophy is not unusual, as similar patterns of intellectual evolution have emerged in other disciplines. A look at architecture and strategic management reveals that
the progression of ideas in them is remarkably similar to conceptual pattern shifts in software design.”

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